Important to Understand How New Media Merger Deals Reflecting Changing Nature of Search, Ads, and Data Collection

We think this excerpt from Advertising Age [sub. required] on Microsoft’s recent summit for marketers illustrates where search engines are headed (and how it reflects the converging search, rich media, video and display ad markets):

“You’re in a Microsoft Windows’ Live search-results page after querying “Land Rover,” you mouse over an icon next to the sponsored results and suddenly you’re careening into what in another more offline world would be called a glossy print ad or a detailed brochure.

Want to see the fine print? Just scroll in deeper. Want to see what radio station the car’s audio system is tuned to? Zoom in infinitely until you can read the micro call letters on the stereo display. This technology is called Seadragon and will allow advertisers to push tons of extra data and images to searchers, a big improvement over today’s unsophisticated text ads.”

From: “MSN’s Online-Ad Plan: Let the Web Evolve.” Abbey Klaasen. Advertising Age. May 11, 2007

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