Drive that Behavioral Targeting, As Microsoft Acquires aQuantive

One of the features Microsoft is acquiring in its aQuantive purchase is Drive PM. They plan to use DrivePM to add targeting functionality to its ad network business. This will further the role that behavioral targeting plays with Microsoft and others. Here’s an excerpt from its website:

“For any online targeting service to be “worth its salt,” it must be able to target on multiple relevant variables. DRIVE has gathered an impressive list of targeting variables to which it is continually adding, which include:

    • Behavioral variables:
      • Client site visits/conversions
      • Email/newsletter list membership
      • User interest category (new!)
    • Demographic/psychographic variables:
      • Geography
      • Prizmâ„¢ Cluster
      • Day part/day of week
      • Gender
      • At work/at home
    • “Technical” variables:
      • Connection speed
      • Browser/OS
      • ISP/domain”

    Author: jeff

    Jeff Chester is executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy. A former journalist and filmmaker, Jeff's book on U.S. electronic media politics, entitled "Digital Destiny: New Media and the Future of Democracy" was published by The New Press in January 2007. He is now working on a new book about interactive advertising and the public interest.

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