Time Warner/AOL, Google & Microsoft Ganging Up to Kill NY Consumer Privacy Bill?

Here’s what DM (Direct Marketing) News reports, via excerpt:
“Microsoft, Google and AOL are getting ready to meet with New York assembly­man Richard Brodsky, a Demo­crat from Westchester County, to discuss a privacy bill that he is developing, which could have strong implications for the online advertising industry…Brodsky’s office is meeting with these Internet giants to discuss and help finalize the pro­posal, which was based in part on the best practice guidelines set by the Network Advertising Initiative, a group of online mar­keting and analytics companies. Yahoo met with the Assembly­man last fall…

The bill first came to life last June in response to Google’s offer to acquire DoubleClick, which, after a series of reviews, has been approved.

“Assemblyman Brodsky was not satisfied with the focus of privacy that the [Federal Trade Commission] was looking at and wanted to make sure that a big company like Google cannot track a consumer’s behavior and then target them with advertis­ing based on these ads,” Sopris [an aide to Bordsky] explained.

Google, Yahoo and Micro­soft did not return phone calls for comment. AOL declined to comment on the proposed bill until it meets with Brodsky.

The IAB is pushing for consumer and legislator education about how online ad­vertising technologies work and the ben­efits that it can have for consumers.

“While it claims to be looking out for consumers, this bill is not consumer friendly,” Zaneis [a lobbyist for the Interactive Advertising Bureau] said. “Advertising is the engine that drives the Internet today. It pays for free services and content for consumers.”


PS from Digital Destiny: Here’s a link to email Assemblyman Brodsky. Don’t let the online ad companies erode your privacy rights.

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