CDD Publishes new report on widgets, third-party apps: "The Facebook Economy"

My CDD commissioned a report from investigative journalist Adam Mayle that examines Facebook and the growing universe of third-party applications. The report, available via here, examines some of the data collection and privacy issues from these Facebook-related services.

Here’s a short excerpt: “But while this platform has benefited many, it raises concerns about user privacy. Because of their deep integration into Facebook, developers have extensive access to user information, but it is often unclear if, when and how they exploit this data. This situation is perpetuated by Facebook’s unwillingness to regulate the widgets that operate on the site. As a result, users often have no idea who is collecting their data, how information is obtained as one interacts with these applications and how such data – even so- called not non-personally identifiable information – is subsequently used. By eschewing liability and placing the burden of responsibility on developers to police their own applications, Facebook unnecessarily exposes its users to cyber-threats like adware, malware and hackers. In many ways, Facebook has created a
dynamic social network, but because of the practices that it has adopted, it needlessly places the privacy and security of its users in harm’s way.”

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