Microsoft has launched a blitz of op-ads promoting national privacy legislation. But absent from the self-serving copy is what Microsoft is and plans to do with all the data it collects. Microsoft is determined to make data collection for interactive advertising a more powerful presence on all its platforms. It has increased the budget for it’s R &D work in the area. As Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer told key marketers last year, “[W]e will invest as much in this online opportunity in R&D as any of the other major players. It is important for you to understand our deep commitment to absolutely providing you with the experiences that you need to bring audience and help give you platforms and tools to intersect with that audience.”

Nor did the op-ad explain the role of Microsoft’s new adLab facility in Beijing, whose mission is to “research and incubate advanced technologies for MSN’s adCenter, designed to provide advertisers with rich targeting capabilities based on audience intelligence information and give consumers a more relevant online experience.”

We suppose they will cover what they are really doing regarding data collection in a follow-up ad! We’re waiting.

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