It’s not just that the public is super-sensitive about the potential of terrorist attacks that the incident in Boston has raised. It’s that the advertising and marketing industry’s zeal to create a 360 degree world of ubiquitious uber-marketing has been revealed for the excess it is. Advertising wants to surround us with 24/7 brand promotions, including viral, product placement, blog sponsorship, buzzmeisters, and pre-roll broadband ads. It’s an “ad, ad, ad, ad, world” we are creating, all so we can be sold to at every location and time. We hope that the Boston flap serves to also encourage Congress and the FTC to begin investigating how the marketing industry is using its power over old and new media to create a irresponsible environment where our privacy and the public interest is sacrificed for a lesser god (that being cash from brands such as Time Warner). Our real national security depends on marketers actually helping create a digital era society where there are ethical limits to what advertising is permitted to do.

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