Please, it’s all “Badware”

While we are pleased that groups are on the lookout for interactive advertising abuses, such as the one reported today focused on AOL, we believe that the attempt to make a distinction between “badware” and “adware” creates a false dichotomy. The ever-growing field of digital marketing adware is really all about “badware.” A pervasive data collection, profiling, and targeted marketing culture is shaping our broadband era, fueled by ever more powerful digital ad technologies and marketing networks. So when the “” group “targets” an ad industry outrider or practice, it is important to remember that by making the case that there are only a few bad examples, it ultimately helps companies such as Google. Google, of course, is one of the key sponsors of (as is Sun Microsystems, which has helped create rich media applications designed to deepen branding and marketing relationships with individuals). A Google, Yahoo! and a Microsoft, among too many others to mention, depends on a world where digital marketing practices are permitted to go unchecked by policy.

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