Google Expanding Video “Metrics” for Brands and Ad Agencies to help “Monetize” YouTube

From the UK’s New Media Age [excerpt]: “Google is the latest company to put its weight behind developing video ad metrics as part of its increased push to monetise its video properties, particularly YouTube.

nma can reveal the search giant is developing a planning tool for video ads to help brands and agencies understand before a campaign launches how effective it will be.

Likewise, it has also completed a project with research and consulting firm OTX that included looking at how to define consumer engagement withYouTube video ads…Additionally, it has ramped up work with its in-house rich-media specialist Tangozebra to develop new ad formats alongside external agencies and clients, while it’s also funding joint research projects with agencies to understand how web users are consuming online video.

The latter will focus on developing ad metrics for agencies and brands to better understand the impact of online video and rich-media ads, on top of analytics already provided by Google Insight. Jonathan Gillespie, Google head of media solutions and YouTube in the UK, said the research has a particular leaning towards planning tools.

“The whole point of doing this research is to fill a gap in our requirements,” he said. “The internet as a whole has been very good at delivering metrics after the effect. However, the front end and planning are things the internet hasn’t been particularly brilliant at.

“Therefore we’re developing a planning tool that will determine how we can best target audiences for advertisers on video while maintaining a good consumer experience,” Gillespie added.

source: “Google develops video ad planning tool to give insight.” Will Cooper. NMA. Nov. 6, 2008 [sub. required].

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