European online advertisers organize to defend the industry

European Interactive Advertising Bureau bodies will convene next month to formulate a constitution. IABs based in European nations are expanding their operations, driven by a more mature, renewed and redefined central body: IAB Europe. “[Europe] has started to wake up now, finally,” said IAB Europe President Alain Heureux…IAB Europe plans to restructure and reorganize the European bureau to provide a “more professional and more effective” central body, Heureux told ClickZ News… Now, representatives from each of the continent’s 15 national bodies will meet in Brussels on May 6 and 7 to draw up a constitution defining a new role for the IAB Europe, as well as a funding and staffing structure to support it…

The primary role of the bureau going forwards, according to Heureux, will be to represent and defend the industry in relation to legal and public affairs, and be prepared to “educate European regulators properly” on issues surrounding the industry.

source:AB Europe Embarks on Expansion and Restructuring. Jack Marshall.The ClickZ Network, Apr 23, 2008

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