Ashcroft Lobbies for the NAB

Former Attorney-General John Ashcroft has been hired by the National Association of Broadcasters to help it fight the satellite radio merger. Here’s someone responsible for helping undermine civil liberties and the First Amendment embraced by all those democracy loving radio and television broadcasters and networks (pardon the sarcasm). Broadcasing & Cable reports that “NAB retained former Attorney General Ashcroft to review and assess the proposed XM/Sirius merger,” said NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton. “His review was sent to all members of the House and Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees.” Now head of the Ashcroft Group, B& C noted that “Ashcroft’s argument is the same argument the National Association of Broadcasters, including NAB President David Rehr, made on Capitol Hill in a House hearing this week.”

Source: “Ashcroft Says that XM/Sirius Deal Would Decrease Competition.” John Eggerton. Broadcasting and Cable. 3/2/07 [sub. may be required]

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