Example today of NY Times Failure to Disclose IAB Connection

Just a few days after we blogged a piece on the conflicts of interests raised when media outlets uncritically report on interactive marketing–while failing to acknowledge their own official corporate role promoting the field–we have a good example. Today, in a New York Times story about online video marketing, the reporter quotes the head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The story failed to acknowledge that the New York Times Co. is on the IAB board as well as its executive committee. Here is a link to the IAB board. See here for the IAB mission. I believe that media outlets serving on the IAB board have to not only acknowledge their membership when they report on the industry, but also commission a steady series of stories that will look at interactive marketing and their own corporate role with a critical perspective. The Times Co., btw, is also a member of the Advertising Research Foundation.
See: “Forgive Me Viewer, for I Have Confessed in a Banner Ad.” New York Times. Feb. 10, 2007.

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