Two-Bit Torrent—Selling Out the ‘Net to give us “Dukes of Hazzard”

BitTorrent Bram Cohen made a stir recently when he questioned the reasoning behind the push for network neutrality. He told the BBC that he was concerned that net neutrality safeguards could “result in an absurdity like making it so difficult so ISPs can’t drop spam…or stop [hacker] attacks. The BBC said Cohen was “in the pantheon of Internet Gods” like Berners Lee.

But Cohen’s business deals with big media require closer scrutiny. BitTorrent is now working to develop “integrated monetization for paid and ad-supported content,” according to Interactive TV Today. Its new deal with leading anti-network neutrality company Time Warner will enable the cable giant to use BitTorrent technology to sell us such content as “National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation, Natural Born Killers, and—“Dukes of Hazzard.” No doubt Mr. Cohen views the launch of what is called the “legal BitTorrent online video service” as his ticket to vast personal riches. (As part of its settlement with MPAA, BitTorrent is also working to remove what it considers illegal content from its service, including its search engine).

Mr. Cohen has made his deal—to get on the fast lane. What he should remember is that the Internet is more than a fancy digital distribution system for Hollywood. It has a role to play to ensure a equitable global civil society. That requires a internet where people and content are treated equitably—even if it means less profits for BitTorrent.

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