Consider this a form of `let’s help Google try and be more honest about privacy and data collection’ public service.

Excerpt from PC World:
Google’s YouTube will soon give marketers more data about viewership of its videos, so that they have a better understanding of clips’ reach and effectiveness at boosting brand awareness and sales.

The online video site plans to make more granular metrics available in this year’s second and third quarters, including data about the usage of YouTube videos that are embedded in external sites, said Brian Cusack, YouTube sales team manager.

“YouTube has enormous amounts of data, but not great reporting on that data yet,” Cusack said during a keynote speech at the eRetailer Summit….YouTube…is building models to distinguish content that is universally interesting from content that is locally interesting, in order to make that useful for its advertising customers, Cusack said.

YouTube to Improve Usage Metrics: New data about Google’s YouTube video viewership will be availabletp marketers. Juan Carlos Perez. IDG News. March 3, 2008

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